Kerala Tea Plantations

Kerala Tea Plantations, Munnar, India

Otherworldly Mountainscapes

Layers and layers of tea plantations, mountain mist, waterfalls, forests and wildlife sanctuaries make Munnar almost surrealistically beautiful. Misty mountain peaks blend harmoniously with green, lush hillsides to create a blissful atmosphere that is hard to describe. 

Located in the mountains of India’s southern state of Kerala, it’s the sort of place you would love to visit, and never want to leave… The landscape is unique and beautiful. The mountain air is super crisp and clean. The people are warm and friendly. And the food is Southern Indian fare: spicy and delicious!

Not many people have heard of Munnar, which I am sure is part of what adds to it’s magic. If you mention it to someone of Indian decent, however, their eyes can light up because WOW! You actually know about this place, too 😀 I stumbled across it while on a tour of Kerala with a couple good friends of mine. One of their parents had organized a week-long Kerala tour, and I decided to tag along. What a great decision that was!

The landscape in Kerala varies quite a bit, from beaches and backwaters, to high mountains and waterfalls. Overall, it was a spectacular place to visit, and one I would highly recommend. If I could do it again, I would hire my own car and take it easy and slow… taking in all this magical land has to offer. A word of caution, however: the roads in India as well as the drivers, are absolutely NUTS! Crazy in the craziest of senses. Passing on blind corners is a regular thing, as they just swerve onto the side of the road when this happens. Apparently the side of the road here is just another lane! 

I also saw people who had rented / purchased motorcycles, and were taking the nice-and-easy route to exploring this region with open eyes and full visual immersion. Which honestly sounds pretty fantastic! Might have to go that route when I come back for my 2nd visit… 😉