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The Experience of a Lifetime,

As Seen Through Your Lens

Adventure Photography Tours With Soma Images

Join travel photographer Jason Green on a visual and cultural adventure designed specifically by, and for, photographers. Soma Images is passionate about travel and photography, and we love to share our experience of amazing places with you. See the world through fresh eyes as you traverse exotic foreign lands with expert guidance.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting out, Soma Images photo tours are a great way to embrace the adventure of travel and explore amazing destinations with like-minded photographers. Our tours are designed with visual imagery in mind, and are custom tailored to bring you to the most amazing locations for photography. These are not your ordinary tours!

Our photo tours are organized in conjunction with local tour operators and guides – the experts in knowing the right time of the day, to go to the right destinations. This allows us to capture the right light to get the best photographs.

Each tour is paced in such a way as to give you ample time for photography. We understand you don’t want to be rushed onwards to the next destination just when the light you’ve been waiting for all day has arrived.

Join us for our Moroccan Adventure Photo Tour – October 2015.

ODYSSEY: Morocco is a cultural and visual adventure into the desert, wide open spaces, and unseen worlds.

The path     Berber nomad dune portrait, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Why travel with us?

Why choose Soma Images as your photo tour guide? Most essentially because we live and breathe both travel and photography. We pride ourself in personal service, and for creating an amazing experience for every tour participant. We understand where to go, and what you need to get the best shots on tour.

1. More shooting time at locations.

We know that photographers would rather have more time at shooting locations, vs. constantly trekking from one spot to the other and wasting valuable shooting time in transit.

2. Smaller groups mean a more intimate and personal experience.

No one wants to feel that they’re just one of the crowd, that’s why we keep our groups under 10 people. Smaller groups also mean that you’ll get more one-on-one time with photographer Jason Green during shoots and workshop sessions.

3. Additional focus on post processing

Many photography tours focus solely on shooting, but if you rely only on images that come out of the camera perfect, you can lose a lot of great shots. We offer one-on-one coaching and training in the art of post processing to get incredible shots.

Many shots (especially when shot in RAW) can be brought to entirely new heights via the latest photography software. Ever wondered how those amazing, unreal shots are created? The amazing “WOW”-factor shots? Here’s a tip: it takes more than just clicking the shutter.

Jason Green will guide you through the tricks of photography post-production on tour as you go. That way you’ll learn through direct experience how to improve and enhance your original images. Whether it’s full HDR imagery, or just mild tweaking in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture, we are here to help.

4. Group image review & constructive peer critique.

As photographers we love to share our passion with others. In the evening, instead of sitting in your room going through your photos alone, you’re welcome to join the group in an image review/critique at several opportunities throughout the tour.

Most people love feedback on their images, especially from those who share their passion. But if you would prefer one-on-one time with Jason Green for critique or feedback, this can also be easily arranged (at no additional cost).

5. Prefer travel on your own? Or in your own small family group and set your own itinerary?

We can create a custom-tailored, one-on-one photo tour designed to suit your budget and your preferred destinations. Please enquire about tailored VIP tours.

Ready for the cultural and visual adventure of a lifetime?

For more information or any questions, please contact Soma Images and Jason Green directly by emailing jason@somaimages.com or calling (USA) +1 831 288 1888.

Bahia Palace - courtyard