Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Pathway Into The Ocean

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary consists of 2273 protected acres (920-hectare) of islands, shallow waters and mangroves. This makes it a haven for migratory birds from Siberia, Northern China, and Japan. There are 97 species of birds in Olango, 48 of which are migratory species, while the rest are resident birds of the island.

Part of the Wildlife Sanctuary features a distinctive cement / stone walkway leading through the shallows, out into the ocean. This leads you to the small, house-like observation station, which offers 360 degree views of tropical waters going on as far as the eye can see in all directions. Some of the most incredible sunsets I have ever witnessed can be taken in from this vantage point.

To my amazement, upon arriving at this memorable location to take in the sunset… I found myself… alone! Not a single soul was out there, other than birds, fish and maybe a few crabs. This was one of those moments where you really give thanks to The Universe™! 🙂 For the experience, for the time, for the opportunity. I felt incredibly grateful to be there, all by myself, taking in this wonderful spectacle. I wrote in my diary and snapped as many pics as I could, as the surroundings were so beautiful, I could hardly believe my eyes! What was this place? This small house out in the middle of the ocean? Whatever it was, and wherever it was, it was awesome! I felt both incredibly grateful, and incredibly privileged to be there at that moment in time!

Olango Island is located in the Philippines, near Mactan island and Cebu City.